Though her performance career is accelerating, Erin is passionate about guiding singers, of all ages and abilities, to find their true voice and to use their unique instrument freely and with expression. Erin teaches all students a healthy technique based in the Italian bel canto tradition of legato singing through free and even movement of the breath grounded with a proportional “lean” of support, or appoggio, proper vocal fold adduction, and the balance of focus and depth (chiaroscuro) of sound through awareness of the resonating chambers. Erin teaches all styles of music to keep lessons engaging and fun, while also incorporating written and aural music theory, performance strategies, and beginning piano.  


Erin received a Master of Music in Opera Performance from CSULB, a Bachelor of Arts in Music from UC Berkeley, and continues to study voice with Shigemi Matsumoto. 



"I love taking singing lessons from Erin. Her knowledge, understanding and experience of singing is extraordinary and notable. She is always enthusiastic and passionate about teaching and cares about seeing progress in her students. She makes the lesson fun and enjoyable. Her practical approach to singing has helped me enormously. I recommend Erin to anyone who wants to become an accomplished singer."

- Noel J.

"[Erin] is highly gifted... energetic to the point where it helps energize me, very enthusiastic about her work, comes up with great examples to help me understand more about singing & the technicalities of it, never shames or embarrasses me, and she is so encouraging!! I appreciate that she makes me feel valued and it shows that she really enjoys her job."

- Jessica C.


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$60 / hour

$45 / half-hour

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4 weekly one-hour lessons for $220

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24-hour cancellation policy

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